meet ray cruz

As many of you may already know my name is Raven Cruz, or Ray! I have a passion for motivating people to change their life in an amazing way and really unveiling their true strengths. It is such a pleasure to have you here with me to work on becoming the BEST VERSION of YOU! This is completely about YOUYOUR GOALS, and YOUR SUCCESS! Are you ready to make a change?


My passion for sports and physical activity since I was 5 years old is what has lead me to where I am today. I played tons of sports growing up from softball to basketball, to dance, and then cheerleading for over 10 years. In high school is when I realized I wanted a career in helping people reach their physical best, showing them how amazing it feels to take care of your body ! Out of high school I pursued an education in Personal Fitness, Sports Medicine and Nutrition- the more reflected what I was learning onto my own lifestyle and seen the changes I knew I wanted to share this knowledge and watch people reach their goals. 

My goal is to get you started on the right track towards your goal. I want you to   work on your body, while gaining and retaining knowledge on how to live a longer and more fulfilled life!

This site was made special for you- it will have everything you need to set your goals, work and conquer! You will find endless motivation here with me, get to chat with me live, and watch my weekly challenge workouts! At you can select from different detailed nutrition plans, to body target specific workout plans, delicious and quick recipes and tons of tools to help you feel good and live even better!

Stop looking for inspiration and become your own! Lets build a better you together with all of my tips and tools! Remember all workout programs are designed for you to complete and succeed at the comfort of your own home, yard, park or gym!